Thank You Message to My Readers

I want to offer another big “hello & thank you again:” for all my readers. I had a thought; and it pertains to any one among my intrepid readers who might just be an artist: or perhaps an aspiring artist? While I’m neither, I did design the concept art for what is now the book cover. If I showed you my first rendition, you’d be much encouraged about your own work (I’m sure of it): because I’m pretty terrible myself.

But I’d be very happy to review any art you might produce which is inspired by the book. If you’d like, don’t hesitate to email a pic of your art, and It might just end up on this site. I don’t have a lot of money and it’s just a one page site (at least at this time). I do hope that book revenues might one day allow me to expand, but first I must try to have a few of Lonnie’s unrecorded works rendered faithfully; according to his expressed wishes. But I’d love to view your art (any you might produce that is inspired by the events of this incredible story). Again, you might just see your work posted here. Thank you all, and God Bless… Sincerely, William Lally.

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